OCT 31 – NOV 20, 2020

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This is a small three week apprenticeship-style training that is focused on learning how to effectively teach the 26&2 series with a set of thorough instructions that are memorized verbatim. This training is a 200-hour Yoga Alliance certified program and is directed by Esak Garcia with Radha Garcia as the lead teacher and primary resource. Our promise is to provide you with the training and support that you need to become a successful teacher of this powerful yoga sequence.


Boulder Bikram Yoga
3035 Sterling Cir, Suite A
Boulder, CO, USA, 80301


$2,900.00 (USD)


What’s Included

Before your 3 weeks in Boulder

  • 3+ months of support from Esak Garcia, Radha Garcia, and their staff of teachers to memorize the 26&2 teaching instructions

During your 3 weeks in Boulder

  • Teach a minimum of 4 classes to the public
  • 42+ hours of feedback, support, critique, and teaching workshops for the classes that you and the other trainees teach
  • Guidance in responding to and caring for students before and after class
  • Minimum of 4 hours of live sign-in time, where you are supported in signing-in students using Mindbody Online, or a similar studio software
  • Orientation to managing a yoga studio
  • 18 x 26&2 classes led by teachers with anywhere from 5-50 years of teaching experience
  • Trainees will take a total of 39 classes in 3 weeks

After your time in Boulder

  • Monthly video conference discussions to answer questions about the teaching practicum and to discuss the required reading assignments

What’s not included

  • Accommodation
  • Transportation
  • Airfare
  • Food

Accommodation and Transportation

All participants are responsible for their own housing and transportation. Accommodation can be expensive in Boulder. To help keep the cost of training down, and for your convenience, we are offering a reasonably priced housing option to stay in one of two local homes. We will make an effort to provide a car share for people who choose either of these options, but the car share is not guaranteed. 

Travel info

  • If flying, please arrive and depart from Denver International Airport (DEN)
  • Arrive no later than Oct 30. We recommend arriving a couple days early to acclimate and be ready for the first day of training
  • Depart no earlier than Nov 21. If you depart on Nov 20, you will miss the final graduation activities that happen at night

Additional information

  • Graduation certificates will be issued for this program only after participants complete all of the training requirements, some of which happen after your time in Boulder
  • The complete list of graduation requirements are:
    • Memorization of instruction set 
    • 3 weeks of training in Boulder
    • Post-training teaching practicum that consists of teaching 2 classes per week for 3 months
    • Reading assignments of 4 books that were written by the creators and forebearers of the 26&2 sequence. The reading list will be distributed after you register
    • 4-week practice challenge, which must be complete by October 30, 2020
  • Once you complete your registration you will be contacted by one of the training staff who will be your mentor during your preparation process
  • This is a small, apprenticeship-style training that will have a minimum of 5 students and a maximum of 15

Additional Housing info

Housing option 1:

$850 (plus $100 refundable damage deposit)

There is a 3-room apartment upstairs from the yoga studio. This is a quaint, quiet, and comfortable space with many plants and the feel of a home. If you stay here, you will be responsible to bring your own bedding (air-mattress, blankets, pillow, etc). There is plenty of floor space to spread out. The apartment contains a simple kitchen and food preparation area. People who stay here should not plan on any elaborate cooking. The restroom in this apartment is off-limits, as it is Radha’s private facility, so guests will use the studio restrooms downstairs. This invitation is available for a maximum of 6 people (men and women) on a first-come-first-served basis. Again, to clarify, this is a co-ed housing option and men and women may be in the same room. The best part of staying here is convenience—you are literally steps away from the yoga studio.

Housing option 2:

$900, $950,  $1,000,  $1,050, $1,600 or $1,800 (plus $100 refundable damage deposit)

Radha’s residence is a 5-bedroom home that is an 8-minute drive from the yoga studio. This space has 2 large living rooms, a large dining area, a large kitchen, and three bathrooms. The size and comfort of each of the rooms varies considerably, which is why there are several pricing tiers. There is a master bedroom with ensuite private bathroom ($1,800), a bedroom with a king sized bed and a shared bathroom ($1,600), a double size mattress bunk bed with shared bathroom ($1,050), and floor space in the living room for an air mattress or futon with a shared bathroom ($950). All of these options are offered on a first-come-first-served basis.

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