MAY 5-19, 2018

Not every e84 trainee is a teacher of the 26&2 hot yoga sequence. For those who aren’t, we offer an intimate, apprenticeship-style training to learn how to teach the 26&2 class with an original set of thorough and effective instructions that are memorized verbatim. This is only open to those who have participated in, or intend to participate in, the e84 Advanced Training. Each training group is limited to 5 participants.  


May 5-19, 2018


Boulder, Colorado, USA

What’s Included

Before your 2 weeks at Boulder Bikram Yoga:

  • 2 months working closely with Esak Garcia, Radha Garcia, and their staff of teachers to author, transcribe and memorize your own set of original teaching instructions

During your 2 weeks at Boulder Bikram Yoga:

    • Teach 1 class per day to the public
    • 18+ hours of feedback, support, critique and teaching workshops for the classes that you and the other trainees teach
    • Guidance in responding to and caring for students before and after class
    • 7 hours of live sign-in time, where you are supported in signing-in students using Mindbody Online, or similar studio software
    • Orientation to managing a yoga studio
    • 9 x 26&2 classes that are dedicated to the teacher trainees. These classes are not open to the public and are led by teachers with anywhere from 5-50 years of teaching experience
    • 2 x e84 Intermediate Classes and 2 x The 84 Class, known as the ‘advanced class’
    • Trainees will take a total of 28 classes in 2 weeks


Accommodation is very expensive in Boulder. To keep this training affordable and convenient, there is a 3 room apartment upstairs from the yoga studio where we can offer you slumber-party style sleeping arrangements. You are also welcome to arrange your own accommodation.

Beds are not provided in the apartment, so please bring an air mattress, pillow and sleeping bag. The apartment contains a simple kitchen and food preparation area. Do not plan on any elaborate cooking.


$1799 without accommodation

$2299 with accommodation included

What’s not included

      • Transportation
      • Airfare
      • Food


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