This is a three-week intensive that is focused on learning how to effectively teach the 26&2 series. Our program is an intimate, apprenticenship-style training with a maximum of 15 participants. Students will receive a 200-hour Yoga Alliance teacher certificate once all the requirements are complete. During training, students will gain real teaching experience and receive mentorship from some of the most experienced teachers in the hot yoga world. Students will be provided an original set of thorough instructions that are to be memorized verbatim before arriving to training. We will work with you remotely during this process. This training is directed by Esak Garcia, and Radha Garcia is the most experienced staff member and primary resource. Our promise is to provide high-quality training in a professional and respectful environment and to provide mentorship from a team of very experienced and skilled teachers. Students will leave ready to teach.

The Components of the 26&2 Certification Program

  1. To qualify for this training you must know the 26&2 hot yoga sequence and have a well-established practice. You must have a home studio that will endorse your character, recommend you to become a teacher, and offer to employ you with at least 2 classes per week for a practicum period of 3 months after training.
  2. Working closely with Esak Garcia, Radha Garcia, and their staff over a period of at least 3 months, you will memorize the full 26&2 instruction set. This happens prior to arriving in Boulder. The e84 staff is made up of hot yoga teachers with over 15 years of experience, plus several graduates from the 2-year e84 Teacher Training Diploma Program.
  3. Once your original instruction set is memorized, you’ll spend 3 weeks in Boulder, Colorado during which you’ll teach between 4 and 12 classes to the public at Boulder Bikram Yoga. After each class you’ll receive feedback and take part in teaching workshops.
  4. Before receiving your teaching certificate, you must complete the full 3-month teaching practicum, and commit to reading three assigned yoga books.
  5. The final requirement for receiving your 26&2 teaching certificate is to complete a practice assignment of eleven 90-minute hot yoga classes per week for 4 consecutive weeks. For example, you could practice Mon-Fri 2 classes per day, 1 class on Saturdays, no class Sundays; or, you could do class every day with 3 days of doubles per week. You may break up the classes however you choose, but it must add up to 11 per week.

What else is included in the 26&2 Certification Program by e84

  • One-on-one work with a mentor from the e84 staff to help you memorize your teaching instructions
  • Inexpensive and convenient housing options
  • Teach between 4-12 live classes to the public during training
  • 40+ hours of feedback, support, critique and teaching workshops for the classes that you and the other trainees teach
  • Guidance in responding to and caring for students before and after class
  • Minimum of 2 hours of live reception training, where you are supported in signing-in students using Mindbody Online, or similar studio software
  • 18 classes led by experienced 26&2 teachers
  • Trainees will take a total of 39 classes in 3 weeks

Q & A

Q: Is the 26&2 training open to people who don’t do the e84 Training?

A: Yes, this training is open to anyone and is a stand alone training.

Q: Can my 4 weeks of 11 classes per week coincide with the 26&2 training?

A: No, you must complete your 4-week practice requirement within 3 months before attending the 26&2 training. This is intentional because part of your training process is developing your own physical practice. Your increased practice will make you a better teacher, and maintain the practice standard that already exists for teachers of 26&2.

Q: When I am completing the requirement to practice 11 times a week for 4 weeks, do e84 Intermediate classes and 84 Asana classes count?

A: Yes, e84 Intermediate classes, 84 Asana classes, and 26&2 classes all count. Keep in mind this practice challenge must be done in the heat.