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e84 Testimonial 5

“This group was such an amazing collection of people. I loved every minute of being part of it!” -Shelly Yoshida, Fairbanks, Alaska

e84 Testimonial 4

“This is an amazing training of experienced, passionate yogis and wonderful people! When you think and speak about e84, it’s just pure love and service.” -Alma Gabriel, Singapore

e84 Testimonial 3

“I loved the great humility and competence of the teachers. These are two things you don’t usually find together.” -Fannie Davis, Dallas, Texas

e84 Testimonial 2

“I had the most amazing experience taking The e84 Intermediate Class to Zurich, Switzerland. All I have to say is that the way we learned how to teach intermediate is so beneficial to people who want to go a bit further in their practice.” -Ute Lehrer,...

e84 Testimonial 1

“Since I graduated from the e84 Training, my heart and bones keep reminding me that it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve finally found the teachers I was so desperately looking for…. I’m feeling grounded, light, centered,...

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e84 Testimonial 5




e84 Intermediate



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