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JFC Testimonial 7

“I am feeling amazing. I have never felt this strong in my entire life. Yet, I know this is just the beginning, there’s so much more in me. So curious! I can’t wait to discover more.” -Tracy Deng, Canberra,...

JFC Testimonial 6

“This was such a life changing experience for me! My family has already seen it. I appreciate everything you did, the culture you created and I feel blessed to be part of the Jedis. I can’t wait for my next JFC. Thank you again.” -Michele Van Hooser...

JFC Testimonial 5

“It just seems so unbelievable to me what was, what is, and what will be because of JFC. I am more alive than I ever have been. Thank you Esak.” -Craig Culbertson, Asheville, North...

JFC Testimonial 4

“Thank you for making me stronger mentally and physically.” -Shahid Aziz, Toronto Ontario,...

JFC Testimonial 3

“Everything I have learned from my experiences at JFC has given me the courage to keep moving forward when it would have been easier to just stop. I feel that when I was not entirely sure what was coming next, JFC validated everything I knew to be true, allowed...

JFC Testimonial 2

“It was a wonderful feeling to embrace a high level of hard work and physical intensity, all the time enjoying the company of a brilliant group of like-minded yogis. Not to mention, of course, the smiling, happy face of Esak- constantly guiding us all tirelessly...

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JFC Testimonial 7




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