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VJFC Testimonial 4

“I have struggled for years to develop a satisfying home practice. VJFC gives me the structure I require. The drills and the extra time in postures are creating change really quickly in my body and practice.” -Megan Saffigna, Brisbane, QLD,...

VJFC Testimonial 3

“The changes are beyond words to describe.” -Shahid Aziz, Toronto, ON,...

VJFC Testimonial 2

“All backward bending postures, specifically the 26+2 spine strengthening series, are changing. I have a more even backbend overall. My shoulders are stronger and have more movement so I even notice changes in Eagle Pose. In Standing Head to Knee Pose, the...

VJFC Testimonial 1

“I’m surprised at how much flexibility I’ve gained in my hamstrings! I was not expecting that. I’m doing the splits again! I’ve also gained so much strength in my glutes, back, and shoulders. ” -Kathy Greisen, Kenmore, WA,...
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VJFC Testimonial 4




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