e84 Training ~ San Miguel de Allende ~ May 8-June 6, 2021

This is a month-long training during which you’ll learn techniques for practicing and leading the 84-asana sequence, often called the “advanced class.” You’ll also learn to practice and lead the 90-minute e84 Intermediate class. Our asana practice will be accompanied by an inquiry into non-physical yoga via an introduction to Jnana yoga and a survey of yoga history and influential yoga texts. This training is a stand-alone course that comprises a 200-hour Yoga Alliance certification. It is also the first step towards earning a 500-hour e84 Teacher Diploma.


Hot Yoga and Retreat Center San Miguel
Saltito de Guadalupe S/N. San Miguel de Allende, Gto, México


  • 28 days of training with Esak Garcia and supporting staff
  • Jedi training techniques to develop strength and flexibility
  • Applied Anatomy study
  • Introduction to Jnana yoga
  • Introduction to seated meditation, mantra, and chanting
  • Kriya yoga conscious breathing exercises
  • Post-training teacher placement and support from the e84 Team as you bring the e84 Intermediate class and the 84 class to your community
  • Post-training, bi-weekly conference calls that provide community support as you lead the e84 Intermediate class and the 84 class

Admission Requirements

All interested yogis with a foundation in hot yoga are encouraged to apply for this training. Being a teacher of 26&2 is not mandatory to participate in this training, however it is important if you desire to be a hot yoga teacher. All participants must have a strong foundation in the hot yoga 26&2 sequence (known as “Bikram Yoga”) and a sincere desire to expand upon that foundation. NOTE: People who are already 26&2 teachers will receive a 200-hour Yoga Alliance teaching certificate upon the completion of this course. People who are not 26&2 teachers will receive an e84 certificate. Later, if you become a 26&2 teacher, the e84 certificate will be converted into a Yoga Alliance certificate. Further, non-26&2 teachers will have additional requirements to complete before coming to e84 training. These requirements will be emailed to you after you submit your application.



Before you arrive to training you will pay for your cost. This covers the hotel, the rent for our yoga room, and the essential training material. At the end of the training, you will be asked to make an additional payment for the yoga training itself. We invite you to determine the value of this training and to make your payment an offering to the e84 staff and teachers. This is not the same as “pay by donation” or “pay what you can afford”. We simply ask you to establish the price.

Accommodation Cost:

Single occupancy US$2730
Double occupancy US$1980


Travel info

  • Please arrive and depart from either Guanajuato (BJX) or Querétaro (BJX)
  • Arrive on May 8
  • Depart on June 6
  • Training days are May 9-June 5
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