Virtual classes offer a sense of community, support, and motivation when practicing outside of the studio. We have created an online platform with classes you can join from anywhere in the world. Our network of teachers is global, so we are able to offer classes in many time zones. Our schedule features 26&2, e84 Intermediate, 84 Asanas, Yin, Kundalini, and Ashtanga. Drop-in anytime or buy a monthly pass.

New circumstances always require us to grow and challenge ourselves. Recently because of Covid-19 yoga studios around the world have been closed. This has challenged us to find our peace amidst chaos. As yogis we practice being inwardly equanimous, so that we can focus our attention on stillness and breathing regardless of what is happening around us. If we can practice with any conditions (cold, hot, home, studio, etc.) then we can take ownership for our practice and our lives, so that nothing can take our peace. We have been preparing for this moment.

Our virtual classes have been well received throughout the shutdown due to COVID-19 so we intend to keep them going. Our online platform is distinct because we offer live-stream classes only. None of our classes are pre-recorded. When you practice with us, you will always have the presence of a certified instructor.

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26&2 (90 min)

Our inspiring teachers will guide you through 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises for 90 minutes. This is the traditional hot yoga sequence known to the world as “Bikram Yoga”. This practice is heart-pumping, low impact, and challenging. It systematically works your whole being, strengthening the mind, therapeutically restoring the body, and developing awareness, focus, and concentration. This practice is the foundation on which the entire e84 Yoga system is built.

e84 Intermediate Class (90 minutes)

The e84 Intermediate Class introduces new postures and skills to people who have a foundation in 26&2. It’s challenging, fun, and accessible and does not require any advanced skills. This class is not a fixed sequence, so expect to explore slightly different postures each time you participate. This class prepares students for the 84 Asanas class at a moderate pace.

84 Asanas (2 hours)

84 is a sacred number that represents physical self-mastery and high yogic consciousness. This practice typically takes 120 minutes and is a fixed sequence that gives students the opportunity to practice skills like lotus, handstands, leg-over-the-head movements, and deep backbends. Participants should be familiar with the 26&2 series, have a regular practice, and have good practice habits.

Backbending (45 minutes)

These classes are free of charge and open only to individuals who have participated in JFC training or one of our monthly backbending workshops in the past 12 months. This is a chance to do our daily backbend “homework” together. Backbending practice wakes up the spine and builds strength throughout the body. If practiced regularly, this technique increases the strength and flexibility of your spine, giving you access to new postures. To get access to these backbending sessions join a JFC training, or sign up for Virtual JFC training, or join our 30-day Backbend Challenge. All of these are ways to learn the Backbending technique that we practice together in these live stream backbend classes. Click here to get started. Reach out to jedifightclub@esakgarcia.com to receive more information about how to qualify to participate in these free sessions.

Yin (1 hour)

Yin Yoga is a restorative, slow, and meditative practice. Yin focuses on the connective tissue, tendons, ligaments, and joints with a relaxed mind and body. The relaxing postures are held for several minutes to allow the connective tissue to respond. It facilitates the removal of deep blockages to energy flow through the body’s meridians.

Ashtanga (2 hours)

This is the Ashtanga “Primary Series”, a traditional fixed sequence of 41 postures that are linked together with transitional movements called “vinyasas”. In this class we practice three fundamental techniques: “bandas,” holding core muscle contractions; “drishti,” maintaining a specific focus point; and “ujjiye,” audible breathing. The Ashtanga Primary Series focuses on forward bends, twists and hip openers, it also employs a lot of upper body strength.

Kundalini (1 hour 15 minutes)

This practice actively awakens the kundalini energy that lies dormant at the base of the spine. Each class incorporates asana, pranayama, meditation and mantra to systematically reset and strengthen the nervous system. Every class is a new adventure designed intentionally to work with the astrological energies of the day.


Class times are displayed in your time zone.
This schedule is updated every Monday with classes for the upcoming two weeks.


1 class – $12

10 classes – $99

1 Week Unlimited – $20


Monthly Unlimited (Auto Renew) ~ $75


1 Month Unlimited (Not Auto Renew) ~ $90



Our Virtual studio provides 100 LIVE classes per month and is a collaboration between many individuals and several studios across the globe. This means several yoga communities are simultaneously offering our online classes to their students. If you have a yoga business and would like to share our classes with your students, you can pass on the links to these classes by purchasing a membership for studios.

With a membership for studios you are given the links for all classes two weeks ahead of time and you are able to distribute these links to your paying members. We support the businesses that uphold the spaces where our communities practice. We are proud to be able to provide studios with an online program that can generate revenue for your business.

If you are in alignment with the teachings of e84 yoga and you are currently offering online classes through your yoga business, consider collaborating with us. If you don’t currently have an online offering, you can now use our platform and easily create one as an added value for your existing members. A studio membership requires an automatic monthly payment, but it does not require a contract and you may cancel anytime.

Membership for Studio Owners (Auto Renew) ~ $99



The e84 team is working hard to make the e84 Intermediate Class and the 84 Class available in studios and online. We have spent many hours volunteering our time to support studios during the COVID-19 closures. At the same time, we have postponed several e84 events and trainings. Although studios have been closed and events have been postponed, we continue to work as before. Therefore we are accepting support from our community and from those who appreciate and benefit from our work to sponsor our efforts. Your contribution enables us to continue to give generously of ourselves and of our time. Any amount that is on your heart to give will be gratefully appreciated. No amount is too big or too small.



Jedi Fight Club is a training program to build strength and flexibility for yoga asana. JFC is staying connected virtually with multiple tools for integrating yoga homework into your lifestyle. People who are new to Jedi Fight Club should take their first step with the 30-day Backbend Challenge. You can start this free challenge anytime with help from our instructional videos. This is a great way to learn the quintessential backbending technique on which Jedi Fight Club is built. We provide a structure to assist you to commit to practicing it everyday for a full month!

If you are ready for a more comprehensive homework plan, join the Virtual JFC Program. For a monthly membership fee you receive weekly homework assignments, participate in monthly Zoom calls with Esak and the other JFC leaders, and get access to multiple live backbending sessions every week with the team. You can also sign-up for an Accountability Coach to check in with as you set goals for your home practice. JFC leaders are also available for semi-private lessons on request.

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