e84 Teacher Training is a 2-year program designed to provide a sophisticated understanding of yoga as a way of being and as a practice. We aim to empower leaders in the hatha yoga tradition of 84 asanas and in the hot yoga tradition of 26&2.

You’ll learn how to lead The 84 Class, known as the ‘advanced class’, as well as teach The e84 Intermediate Class that bridges the gap between the 26&2 and The 84 Class. If you’re not yet a teacher of the 26&2 class, you’re invited to participate in our apprenticeship-style certification program to learn to teach 26&2 with an original set of highly effective instructions.

Upon completion of all course requirements, you’ll receive the e84 Teacher Diploma. This is a 500 hour Yoga Alliance Certification and far exceeds the minimum requirements for becoming a 500 hour Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher.

Our Mission

To empower ourselves to carry the tradition of the 84

To explore and expand our yoga practice

To establish a community of competent, loving, hot yoga leaders

To experience our own mastery

To express the higher Self


Step 1: e84 Training

This is a month-long training in a bucket-list destination during which you’ll study detailed posture technique for the entire 84 sequence, and you’ll learn to practice and teach the 90-minute e84 Intermediate Class. This training is a complete course that comprises a 200-hour Yoga Alliance certification. Many who complete the Training will then complete additional courses to qualify for the e84 Teacher Diploma.

Step 2: Practice Phase

Trainees complete weekly practice requirements from home and participate in conference calls every 2 weeks. In addition, trainees will complete reading assignments. The practice phase is spread over 95 weeks.

Step 3: Completion Courses

Trainees attend 2 x 150-hour courses to complete 500 training hours, and qualify for the e84 Teacher Diploma. Trainees will have multiple course dates and locations to choose from. The minimum amount of time it takes to receive the e84 Teacher Diploma is 2 years.

26&2 Teacher Certification Program

Not every e84 trainee is a teacher of the 26&2 hot yoga sequence. For those who aren’t, we offer an intimate, apprenticeship-style training to learn how to teach the 26&2 with an original set of thorough and effective instructions that are memorized verbatim. Each training will have between 5 and 5 participants. For the full details click here.

e84 Testimonial 1

“Since I graduated from the e84 Advanced Training, my heart and bones keep reminding me that it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve finally found the teachers I was so desperately looking for…. I’m feeling grounded, light, centered, connected and desperate to share all these high vibrations.”

-Mario Alonso, Mexico City

e84 Testimonial 2

“I had the most amazing experience taking The e84 Intermediate Class to Zurich, Switzerland. All I have to say is that the way we learned how to teach intermediate is so beneficial to people who want to go a bit further in their practice.”

-Ute Lehrer, Toronto, Canada

e84 Testimonial 3

“I loved the great humility and competence of the teachers. These are two things you don’t usually find together.”

-Fannie Davis, Dallas, Texas

e84 Testimonial 4

“This is an amazing training of experienced, passionate yogis and wonderful people! When you think and speak about e84, it’s just pure love and service.”

-Alma Gabriel, Singapore

e84 Testimonial 5

“This group was such an amazing collection of people. I loved every minute of being part of it!”

-Shelly Yoshida, Fairbanks, Alaska


This is a three-week, intensive training that is focused on learning how to effectively teach the 26&2 series. Some students do this training in conjunction with the 200-hour e84 Training to complete their teacher profile. Students will receive a 200-hour Yoga Alliance teacher certificate once all the requirements are complete. During training, students will gain real teaching experience and receive mentorship from some of the most experienced teachers in the hot yoga world. Students will be provided an original set of thorough instructions that are to be memorized verbatim before arriving to training. We will work with you remotely during this process. This training is directed by Esak Garcia, with Radha Garcia as the most experienced teacher and primary resource. Our promise is to provide high-quality training in a professional and respectful environment and to provide mentorship from a team of very experienced and skilled teachers. Students will leave ready to teach this powerful yoga sequence.

The Components of the 26&2 Certification Program

  1. To qualify for this training you must know the 26&2 hot yoga sequence and have a well-established practice. You must have a home studio that will endorse your character, recommend you to become a teacher, and offer to employ you with at least 2 classes per week for a practicum period of 3 months after training.
  2. Working closely with Esak Garcia, Radha Garcia, and other highly experienced teachers over a period of at least 3 months, you will memorize the full 26&2 instruction set. This happens prior to arriving in Boulder. The e84 staff is made up of hot yoga teachers with over 15 years of experience, plus several graduates from the 2-year e84 Teacher Training Diploma Program.
  3. Once your original instruction set is memorized, you’ll spend 3 weeks in Boulder, Colorado during which you’ll teach between 4 and 12 classes to the public at Boulder Bikram Yoga. After each class you’ll receive feedback and take part in teaching workshops.
  4. Before receiving your teaching certificate, you must complete the full 3-month teaching practicum, and commit to reading three assigned yoga books.
  5. The final requirement for receiving your 26&2 teaching certificate is to complete 11 x 90-minute hot yoga classes per week for 4 consecutive weeks. For example, you could practice Mon-Fri 2 classes per day, 1 class on Saturdays, no class Sundays; Or, you could do a class every day with 3 days of doubles per week. You may break up the classes however you choose, but it must add up to 11 per week. This can be completed anytime within a three-month window before or after your time in Boulder.

What else is included in the 26&2 Certification Program by e84

  • One-on-one work with a mentor from the e84 staff to help you memorize your teaching instructions
  • Inexpensive and convenient housing options
  • Teach between 4-12 live classes to the public
  • 40+ hours of feedback, support, critique and teaching workshops for the classes that you and the other trainees teach
  • Guidance in responding to and caring for students before and after class
  • Minimum of 2 hours of live reception training, where you are supported in signing-in students using Mindbody Online, or similar studio software
  • 18 classes led by experienced 26&2 teachers
  • Trainees will take a total of 39 classes in 3 weeks

Q & A

Q: Is the 26&2 training open to people who don’t do the e84 Training?

A: Yes, this training is open to anyone and is a stand alone training.

Q: Can my 4 weeks of 11 classes per week coincide with the 26&2 training?

A: No, you must complete your 4-week practice requirement within 3 months before or after attending the 26&2 training. This is intentional because part of your training process is developing your own physical practice. Your increased practice will make you a better teacher, and maintain the practice standard that already exists for teachers of 26&2.

Q: When I am completing the requirement to practice 11 times a week for 4 weeks, do e84 Intermediate Classes and my practice of The 84 Class count?

A: Yes, e84 Intermediate Classes, the 84 Class, and 26&2 classes all count.


What will I learn at e84 Training?

During the 1 month, 200-hour training you will learn:

  • In depth posture technique for the entire 84 sequence (which includes posture technique for the 26&2)
  • How to lead The 84 Class, known as the ‘advanced class’
  • How to teach the 90-minute e84 Intermediate Class
  • Jedi training techniques to develop strength and flexibility for practicing The 84 Class
  • Applied anatomy study through hands-on Thai massage techniques
  • Introduction to Jnana yoga
  • Introduction to seated meditation, mantra and chanting
  • Kriya yoga conscious breathing exercises

What is The e84 Intermediate Class?

The e84 Intermediate Class is a hot 90-minute class that builds on the foundation created by the 26&2 sequence. In this class we  introduce skills and develop body parts that are needed for things like arm balancing, Leg-Over-Head deep backbends and Lotus. No advanced skills are needed to participate in this class, but comfort with the 26&2 and a desire to expand is essential. Structured by Esak Garcia, this class prepares students for the the 84 Class which is a more complex sequence.

The class contains all the 26&2 series postures that you already know; and invites you to try new postures and variations. Each class will have a slightly different focus in terms of the skills and body parts we are addressing. By developing an awareness of your postures and different parts of your body you’ll get new insights that will help your 26&2 practice. The parts of class with which you’re familiar will move more quickly, with less instruction; new ideas will be taught more thoroughly.

What is The 84 Class?

The world famous hot yoga 26&2 sequence was derived from a larger sequence of over 84 postures taught by Bishnu Ghosh and his disciples from Calcutta, India. In the hot yoga world The 84 Class is known as the ‘advanced class’. It’s a 120 minute therapeutic Hatha yoga class that prepares an individual for meditation, oxygenates all of the body’s organs and muscles, and restores and preserves the proper functioning of all of the body’s systems.

The 84 Class builds on the foundation of the 26&2. It’s expected that participants have a good foundation of strength, flexibility, alignment, concentration and balance. The 84 Class will develop skills like lotus, handstands, leg-over-the-head movements, and deep back bends.

84 is a sacred number in many spiritual traditions. Numerologically it’s a metaphor that represents Self mastery, and the development of high yogic consciousness, with a physical practice.