Developed by Esak Garcia, Jedi Fight Club is an opportunity for serious yogis to take a step into a world of practice that has produced 8 world champions and assisted numerous people in developing a more complete and fulfilling experience of yoga asana.
Although there’s no minimum level of ability that’s required, in order to fully participate, you should be ready to practice 2 hot classes per day, plus additional training hours. In other words, it doesn’t matter what you’re able to do, what matters is that spending your days doing yoga practice and training is fun and interesting to you, and that you’re up for the challenge. Your wIllingness to participate, and take a step forward from wherever you are now, is much more important than your current ability.

Full trainings are typically 7-14 days long. Intro weekends are opportunities to sample JFC style training to see if it’s right for you. Keep an eye on our events listings to find the next JFC.

JFC Testimonial 1

“Thank you to Esak for teaching us values such as discipline, patience, commitment, and honesty in our practice. The JFC was not just about backbending, but about unity and teamwork. Esak instilled in us strong, positive energy. We learned how to fight and not surrender! Looking forward to the next JFC!”

-Olay Aninion, Owner of BYMakati, Manila, Philippines

JFC Testimonial 2

“It was a wonderful feeling to embrace a high level of hard work and physical intensity, all the time enjoying the company of a brilliant group of like-minded yogis. Not to mention, of course, the smiling, happy face of Esak- constantly guiding us all tirelessly and gently with his soft-spoken words of encouragement…..JFC time raised my level of awareness of self and indeed, my own Yoga practice. Thanks Esak, for ‘Changing my mind!’”

-Marlon Hart, Auckland, New Zealand

JFC Testimonial 3

“Everything I have learned from my experiences at JFC has given me the courage to keep moving forward when it would have been easier to just stop. I feel that when I was not entirely sure what was coming next, JFC validated everything I knew to be true, allowed me to have faith in myself and find the strength to be fearless.”

-Roxanne Janecki, Owner of BY Binghampton, NY



16feb(feb 16)8:00 am22(feb 22)6:00 pmJFC Training with JJ Garcia and Garland Hume ~ Hilo, HI

10apr(apr 10)12:00 am16(apr 16)11:59 pmJFC Training with Jasmine Nash ~ Luxembourg


13dec(dec 13)5:00 pm15(dec 15)2:00 pmJFC Weekend with Wyatt Shutt ~ Los Angeles, CA

30nov(nov 30)12:00 am08dec(dec 8)11:59 pmJFC Training with Esak Garcia ~ Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

15nov(nov 15)4:00 pm17(nov 17)5:30 pmJFC Weekend with JJ Garcia ~ Hilo, Hawaii

10novalldayJFC Training Day with Esak Garcia ~ Victoria, Canada

20oct(oct 20)12:00 am26(oct 26)11:59 pmJFC Training with Wyatt Shutt ~ Santiago, Chile

13sep(sep 13)10:00 am15(sep 15)3:30 pmJFC WEEKEND WITH ESAK GARCIA ~ MADRID, SPAIN

13sepalldayJFC Training with Jasmine Nash ~ Edinburgh, Scotland

22apr(apr 22)10:00 am27(apr 27)6:00 pmJFC Training with Jasmine Nash ~ Luxembourg

05apr(apr 5)12:00 am11(apr 11)11:59 pmJFC Training with Esak Garcia and Judes Yang ~ Gold Coast, Australia

What will I learn at JFC?

You’ll learn training techniques for developing handstands, leg-over-the-head asanas, backbends, and lotus asanas, and more. You’ll be taught how to incorporate more advanced elements of training into your daily practice.

At Jedi Fight Club we also cultivate these qualities:

  • How to be of service to others through your yoga practice (Karma Yoga)
  • How to develop your postures beyond your perceived limits (Change Your Mind philosophy)
  • Nutritional recommendations for yogis in training, and for a yogi lifestyle

What’s the daily schedule?

  • Morning yoga class
  • 2-3 hour ‘homework’ session(s)
  • Evening yoga class

This is about 5-6 hours of yoga practice a day. Please make sure you are physically prepared, otherwise your ability to participate will be limited.

The schedule will vary from day to day and training to training depending on the needs of the group and venue. We may also include field trips and surprise activities to break up the week. Please don’t expect to know the exact schedule in advance as it will be adjusted from day to day as necessary.

During the training, participants are asked not to take on any other commitments so that yoga practice can be the focus. When you are not on the yoga mat, your time will be spent resting, nourishing yourself, getting bodywork, doing karma yoga and getting ready to practice again.