January 1-30, 2021

Let’s kick off 2021 with a 30-day backbend challenge!  This challenge entails practicing a very specific backbend technique every day for 30 days in a row. 

In January 2020 we had 1,150 people, representing 49 countries, participate in this challenge. That means people all over the world have learned this technique and are using it to enhance their yoga practice. We feel that backward bending is a great service to humanity. We are opening our hearts and conquering our fears. Backbends infuse a dose of love into the world. You are invited to join us in this.

Participating in this challenge is free. Please join us to learn this safe and effective backbending technique. A little technique can go a long way towards making a huge impact in your yoga postures. If you follow through with the whole challenge, you will take a step forward in developing greater flexibility and strength in your spine. We use various ways to interact with each other as the challenge progresses, including email, Instagram, Zoom video conferencing, and Google check in forms.

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