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Virtual Backbend Workshop with Esak Garcia ~ January 18, 2023 ~ 2-3:30pm MT

This virtual backbend workshop is a chance to learn a specific technique for backbending on the wall, a practice we call Wall Walking. This practice is the foundation of all JFC training. If you learn this specific technique and practice it carefully, you will develop the movement of your entire spine, and not just move in the flexible area. Once this technique is learned, many people take on wall walking as a lifestyle and do it as part of their regular yoga practice. During the workshop, we will review the steps of the technique, answer questions, and then practice it together. Sometimes you don’t know what questions to ask until you start practicing.

Esak Garcia will lead this workshop, answer your questions, and then practice it several times with you. You will also receive feedback on your form. If you are not new to Wall Walking but you are not sure if you are doing it correctly, this is a perfect time to work with an experienced teacher.


This workshop will be done online. Participants will receive a link to attend the workshop upon registration.


What’s included

  • A 90-minute workshop with Esak Garcia
  • Preparation instructional video


January 18, 2023
2-3:30pm MT



Participants are requested to pay what they feel the workshop is worth. To register, simply enter in the price you’d like to pay below, and then continue onto registration.

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Virtual Backbend Workshop with Esak Garcia ~ January 18, 2023 ~ 2-3:30pm MT




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