e84 Intermediate Class and Mini Jedi Training Session with Jasmine Nash ~ Biarritz, France ~ November 12, 2022

The e84 Intermediate Class is a 90 minute hot class that uses the foundation of Bikram yoga to introduce new postures and develop additional yoga skills. It is an accessible and fun class that focuses on teaching posture technique. No advanced skills are required.

During the mini Jedi Training session, we will learn and practice training techniques that many people have used to deepen yoga postures, heal chronic injuries, and develop greater strength and flexibility. Many yogis have accomplished astonishing mental and physical transformations by practicing these techniques in a disciplined way over the years.

Yogang Biarritz
84 Avenue de Verdun
64200 Biarritz

What’s included

  • An all levels 2-hour Jedi Training session
  • 90 minute e84 Intermediate class

10:30-12:00pm e84 Intermediate class
12:30-2:30pm Jedi Training session

e84 Intermediate class only €35
Jedi Training session only €45
Both €65

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