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Weekend with Jasmine Nash ~ Dunedin, New Zealand ~ June 15&16, 2024

During the 26&2 workshop on Saturday, we will take a close look at some important foundational techniques for the 26&2 sequence. With consistent application, these techniques have the ability to transform our practice! Participants will have the chance to try techniques, see demonstrations, and ask questions. This workshop is appropriate and useful for all levels. Unheated.


During the Jedi Training session on Sunday, we will learn and practice training techniques that many people have used to deepen yoga postures, heal chronic injuries, and develop greater strength and flexibility. Many yogis have accomplished astonishing mental and physical transformations by practicing these techniques in a disciplined way over the years. This session will not be heated.


Jasmine has been teaching for 11 years in 30+ countries. She leads trainings for e84 Yoga and Jedi Fight Club, and loves to work with both teachers-to be and yogis who want to dive into their personal practice. Jasmine competed for many years and is the 2019-21 Canadian champion. She travels most of the year for yoga trainings and events.


Hot Yoga Dunedin
33 St Andrew Street
New Zealand



  • Saturday ~ $100.00 NZ
  • Sunday ~ $80.00 NZ
  • Both days ~ $170.00 NZ



  • Saturday
    12-3pm Workshop on 26&2 Technique
    3:30-5pm 26&2 Class
  • Sunday
    11am-1:30pm Jedi Training




Please visit this link to register for this event.

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Weekend with Jasmine Nash ~ Dunedin, New Zealand ~ June 15&16, 2024




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