Live Virtual Classes

Virtual classes offer a sense of community, support, and motivation when you are practicing at home. New circumstances always require us to grow and challenge ourselves. Currently because of Covid-19 yoga studios around the world are closed. This has challenged us to find our peace amidst chaos. At Jedi Fight Club and e84 Training we practice being impervious to the conditions that surround us, which entails being inwardly equanimous, so that we can focus our attention on stillness and breathing in our yoga practice. It’s as though we have been preparing for this moment. If we can practice with any conditions (cold, hot, home, studio, etc.) then we can take ownership for ourselves and our practice, so that nothing can take it away from us.

Our virtual classes have been well received and appreciated, so we intend to keep them going even when studios reopen. At that point we will adjust the schedule to meet the current needs and hopefully broadcast live classes from our studios. Stay tuned and make sure you are signed up for our newsletter to get the latest updates: Subscribe.

e84 Intermediate and 84 Asana Online Class Schedule

Class DayClass NameClass TimeTeacherRegistration
Monday, May 25e84 Intermediate Class11:00am-12:30pm PDTGiselle of e84 Mandala
To register visit
Monday, May 25e84 Intermediate Class10:00-11:30pm PDT (Tuesday May 26, 7am-8:30am in Luxembourg)Emilie of e84 BlissTo register visit
Tuesday, May 26e84 Intermediate Class5:00pm PDT (Wednesday, May 27, 8:00am in Kuala Lumpur) Frances of e84 GenesisTo register visit
Wednesday, May 2784 Asanas 12:00pm-2:00pm PDTEsak, e84 founderTo register visit
Thursday, May 28e84 Intermediate Class12:00pm-1:00pm PDTErin of e84 AlegriaTo register visit
Friday, May 29Intermediate Class5:00pm PDT (Saturday, May 30, 10:00am in Brisbane, Australia)teacher TBDTo register visit
Saturday, May 3084 Asanas 1:45am-3:45am PDT (10:45am-12:45pm in Luxembourg)Vanessa of e84 GenesisTo register visit
Saturday, May 30e84 Intermediate Class11:00am-12:30pm PDTEsak, e84 founderTo register visit
Sunday, May 31e84 Intermediate Class7:00am PDT (4:00pm Luxembourg) Vanessa of e84 GenesisTo register visit
Sunday, May 3184 Asanas2:00-4:00pm PDTJordan of e84 GenesisTo register visit
Sunday, May 3184 Asanas10:00pm-12:00mn PDT (Monday, June 1, 1:00pm in Bali)Breanna of e84 GenesisContact for details.
Monday, June 1e84 Intermediate Class11:00am-12:30pm PDTSallie of e84 GenesisTo register visit
Monday, June 1e84 Intermediate Class10p-11:30pm PDT (Tuesday June 2, 7am-8:30am in Luxembourg)Emilie of e84 BlissTo register visit
Tuesday, June 2e84 Intermediate Class5pm PDT (Wednesday, June 3, 8:00am in Kuala Lumpur) Erin of e84 AlegriaTo register visit
Wednesday, June 384 Asanas12:00pm-2:00pm PDTGarland, e84 guest teacherTo register visit
Thursday, June 4e84 Intermediate Class12:00pm-1:00pm PDTFrances of e84 Genesis
To register visit
Friday, June 5Intermediate Class5:00pm PDT (Saturday, June 6, 10:00am in Brisbane, Australia)Esak, e84 founderTo register visit
Saturday, June 684 Asanas1:45am-3:45am PDT (10:45am-12:45pm in Luxembourg)Vanessa of e84 GenesisTo register visit

Your Support Funds our Karma Yoga Project

The e84 community is presently volunteering within a network of studios to make the e84 Intermediate Class and the 84 Class available as a home practice. We are leading classes on several virtual platforms. Our intention is to support studios while their doors are closed. Your contribution enables us to continue to give generously of ourselves and of our time. Any amount that is on your heart to give will be gratefully appreciated. No amount is too big or too small.


Boulder Bikram Yoga offers 21 on-line classes per week

My family’s yoga studio in Boulder, Colorado is presently offering a full schedule of classes including 26&2, e84 Intermediate Class, 84 Asanas, Yin, and a special weekly Backbending class. All of our classes have a live instructor, none of them are pre-recorded.

Get details and join us for class!

Virtual Jedi Fight Club

Jedi Fight Club is staying connected virtually with multiple tools for getting started with or keeping up with JFC homework. People who are new to Jedi Fight Club should take their first step with the 30-day Backbend Challenge. You can start this free challenge anytime with help from our instructional videos. This is a great way to learn the quintessential backbending technique on which Jedi Fight Club is built. We provide a structure to assist you to commit to practicing it everyday for a full month!

If you are ready for a more comprehensive homework plan, join the Virtual JFC Program. For a monthly membership fee you receive weekly homework assignments, participate in bi-monthly Zoom calls with Esak and the other JFC leaders, and get access to daily backbending sessions with the team. You can also sign-up for an Accountability Coach to check in with as you set goals for you home practice! JFC leaders are also available for semi-private lessons on request.

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