Virtual Reset Your Nervous System and Reduce Anxiety with Esak Garcia & The Westfeldt Institute for Emotional Hygiene ~ May 22-23, 2021

This mini virtual retreat is a chance for you to learn practical skills to reduce anxiety and generally feel more at ease in your body. We’re combining three very effective tools in a way that will help you experience a deep calm and feeling of well-being. In this two-day event, you’ll be able to connect with yourself and a supportive community, learn about anxiety and how to manage it, and build a tool kit to support yourself through difficult moments. 

Esak Garcia will lead participants through two backbending sessions focusing on teaching you proper techniques to maintain a home practice. Tim Westfeldt, founder of Westfeldt Institute for Emotional Hygiene, will share a new framework for understanding human emotions with an emphasis on understanding how anxiety works. Tessa Tovar will lead you through Yoga Nidra and Yin practices designed for deep relaxation and nervous system care. 

You don’t need to be experienced with backbending or yoga to attend this workshop. 

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