Virtual Tibetan Rites Workshop with JJ Garcia ~ July 10, 2021 ~ 9:00-10:30am MDT

The Tibetan Rites are a sequence of continuous movements that can facilitate physical, mental and energetic changes. This sequence can be done just about anywhere and will only take you 10-15 min to complete. Once you learn it, it can be done everyday. This sequence is designed for the beginner with no yoga experience but can also be profound for the experienced practitioner! In this workshop you will experience a shift in your etheric energy body as we move and breathe in unison. Participants will spend 90 minutes exploring a little history, watching demonstrations, and then practicing the sequence several times with the chance to ask questions. Please come prepared to take notes and have your space prepared as if you were taking a yoga class.


This workshop will be done online. Participants will receive a Zoom link to attend the workshop.

What’s included

  • An all levels 90-minute workshop with JJ Garcia

July 10, 2021
9:00-10:30am MDT

Participants are requested to pay what they feel the workshop is worth. After filling out the form below, participants will be able to submit a payment in the amount of their choosing.


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