JFC has been alive since 2007. Today, numerous yoga practitioners all over the world practice daily homework exercises that they learned at JFC. Yoga homework can be an integral part of a yoga lifestyle, and a complement to your existing practice. These exercises can also provide the guidance you need to develop a home practice at times when you are away from studio.

Additional Information

Each week of Virtual JFC you will be sent an instructional video and an assignment. The assignment always starts with backbends and is followed by one or more exercises explained in the videos. The videos build on one another. If yoga training is a high priority for you, and you are interested in committing significant hours to it each week, you will work on several exercises each time you do homework. If you choose to spend less time with Virtual JFC, but still want to learn the techniques and progress, you will work on backbends plus one additional exercise.    Your home practice should match your interest level. We will provide the guidance and support that matches your commitment. 

Our Recommendations


For yogis who want to immerse themselves in the practice:

  • 5 yoga practices per week (this is your regular practice apart from Jedi homework)
  • 6 days of Jedi Homework (1 to 2-hour sessions)
  • Each homework day do the full assignment for the week (each assignment consists of several exercises)
  • regular participation in Virtual JFC Lounge video conferences (1 or 2 per month)
  • regular live JFC Training (3 per year)

For casual and curious yogis who want to progress: 

  • 3 yoga practices per week (this is your regular practice apart from Jedi homework)
  • 3 days of Jedi Homework (30 to 45-minute sessions)
  • Each homework day do Backbends plus the exercise of the week (explained in the new video you receive)
  • regular participation in Virtual JFC Lounge video conferences (1 every other month)
  • regular live JFC Training (1 every year)

For yogis who want to develop a home practice: 

  • 3 days of Jedi Homework (30-minute to 2-hour sessions)
  • Each homework day do Backbends plus the exercise of the week, or do the full assignment for the week 
  • regular participation in Virtual JFC Lounge video conferences (1 every other month)
  • attend a JFC weekend (a 3-day training) at your earliest convenience to receive greater insight into Jedi Training 

JFC’s Commitment

  • bi-monthly (twice per month) video coaching conference with Esak and JFC Leaders around the world; a.k.a. Virtual JFC Lounge
  • weekly homework assignment 
  • weekly instructional videos
  • links to accountability check-Ins for each time you complete your homework



Monthly auto-renew subscription $25/month

Virtual JFC is offered to you at a nominal cost of less than $1 per day for a membership that automatically renews. The subscription can be canceled anytime without any questions. 

One month subscription $35/month

With this membership, you can try Virtual JFC for one month, or continue to register on a month-to-month basis.

Accountability Coach subscription $40/month

If you want extra personalized support, sign-up for the auto-renew subscription with an accountability coach. One of our Jedi Fight Club leaders will personally follow your check-ins and be available via text for you to contact with questions as they come up throughout the week. 


IMPORTANT NOTE: You will receive your first homework assignment on the first Sunday following your registration. 



$25 Virtual JFC monthly auto-renew subscription

Your credit card will be automatically charged each month. You can cancel anytime by following this link: cancel your monthly subscription


$35 One month subscription

By selecting this option you will need to renew your membership each month in order to continue to participate. 


$40 Accountability Coach subscription

This subscription automatically renews and gives you direct access to one of our leaders throughout the week.

Once you are registered you will receive a “welcome email” sent to the email with which you register. We look forward to sharing this platform with you and welcoming you to the JFC family.

30-Day Backbend Challenge


Have you done the JFC 30-day challenge? If not we strongly recommend starting your JFC experience with our 30-day challenge. It can be done by itself or simultaneously with your first month of Virtual JFC assignments. When you do the 30-day challenge you will receive some unique videos that are specific to building a foundation in backward bending. You won’t receive these videos with your normal Virtual JFC membership. You must sign-up for the 30-day challenge separately. It’s free. Get information and sign-up here:


Register now for the 30-Day Backbend Challenge  


VJFC Testimonial 1

I’m surprised at how much flexibility I’ve gained in my hamstrings! I was not expecting that. I’m doing the splits again! I’ve also gained so much strength in my glutes, back, and shoulders.

-Kathy Greisen, Kenmore, WA, USA  

VJFC Testimonial 2

All backward bending postures, specifically the 26+2 spine strengthening series, are changing. I have a more even backbend overall. My shoulders are stronger and have more movement so I even notice changes in Eagle Pose. In Standing Head to Knee Pose, the gained shoulder mobility has helped in terms of rounding my spine, forehead to knee. Thanks VJFC.

-Nick DeCesare, Chicago, IL, USA

VJFC Testimonial 3

The changes are beyond words to describe.

-Shahid Aziz, Toronto, ON, Canada

VJFC Testimonial 4

“I have struggled for years to develop a satisfying home practice. VJFC gives me the structure I require. The drills and the extra time in postures are creating change really quickly in my body and practice.

-Megan Saffigna, Brisbane, QLD, Australia