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I’ve been teaching posture technique workshops since 2005. My intention is to give you practical information that is immediately applicable to class and at the same time enhances your understanding of yoga, keep you inspired and make your practice sustainable. I want you to get the most out of the time you spend on your yoga mat by keeping the practice fun and effective. Sometimes that means we strive for deeper asanas, and other times that means we learn to breathe and be still.

Every workshop is different. They are designed in conjunction with the individual studio and with its students in mind. Some workshops will focus on developing intermediate and advanced skills like deep backbends, lotus, and handstands, while others will focus on the foundation for an entire practice, like breathing and mula bandha. Sometimes workshops will introduce Jedi Fight Club training, or the e84 Intermediate Class, and other times they focus on the 26&2, known as Bikram Yoga.

My intention is to leave you inspired and to provide practical techniques and information.

Workshops Testimonial 2

“It was an honour and a real pleasure to meet you and attend your Calgary workshop. You have inspired me to continue my yoga journey and to “find body parts” as I practice. I am forever grateful. Thank you for doing what you do. You are making the world a better place.”

-Greg Wile, Calgary

Workshops Testimonial 3

“Taking the seminar was so enlightening. You are so clear and simple in the explanations that you gave… such simple directions that were so inspiring. It renewed my enthusiasm for teaching Bikram. I learned so much. I thank you for a splendid day.”

-Jane Kartsch, BYBronx, New York

Workshops Testimonial 5

“I study a lot of anatomy and have practiced with Mr. Iyengar and various senior teachers for 29 years.
I really appreciated your explanation of Pranayama and of Hatha. Now I feel like I have a greater depth of understanding of both. In 4 hours I was pleasantly surprised by your depth in the amount we did. I know you feel you barely touched the surface but it was very thought provoking for me. Thanks again, I hope I have an opportunity to study with you again.”

-Linda Bostrom, San Jose, CA, USA

Workshops Testimonial 6

“Thank you…I’ve been thinking about the techniques you taught and applying them to my practice every time I step into the studio. It was a pleasure to attend your seminar.”

-Jennie Hwang, Montreal, QC, Canada

Workshops Testimonial 4

“Esak’s patience with student’s questions and requests was telling. I sensed he deeply desired that students ‘get it’- the logic, significance, and purpose of the set up and the posture.”

-Michael Burke, BY Oak Park, Chicago



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