Yoga Travelers Retreat with Martina O’Donnell and Mikel Hengeveld ~ Cabeceiras de Basto, Portugal ~ June 13-19, 2021

Martina O’Donnell and Mikel Hengeveld are happy to invite you to a perfect fusion of Yin and Bikram Yoga in the most exclusive yoga resort in Europe, D’Alijo Retreat Center, located in the village of Cabeceiras de Basto in the province of Minho. Porto offers an international airport just one hour away from our retreat centre. The area is well known for its Vinho Verde vineyards, olive fields and beautiful national parks. The studio and accommodations are cohesively blended with nature, and are sure to awaken the mind, body and spirit.

About Martina

Martina discovered yoga in 2010 while taking a sabbatical in North America. After her first Bikram class, she decided she would never do it again, and 9 months later she had graduated from Teacher Training in San Diego. Since then, she has been a traveling teacher worldwide while balancing a career as a flight attendant. In 2018, Martina traveled to Rishikesh, India, where she attended a Vinyasa training. The opportunity to conduct annual Yoga Travelers retreats is a highlight of her year. “Enjoying the practice of yoga in places with such wonderful energy and surrounded by such beautiful nature, with people from all over the world, is a unique experience that I would love to share with you.

About Mikel

Mikel started his yoga practice in 2013 after moving to Bali. After struggling with mental health and headaches for over 10 years, finding yoga felt like falling in love at first sight, and after a year the symptoms disappeared. In 2014, Mikel attended an Ashtanga Yoga Training, and fell more deeply in love with Yin yoga, attending a teacher Training with Marcel van der Vis and Anat Geiger. After attending a second Yin Training, Mikel began to assist on staff at several Yin and Functional Vinyasa trainings, including trainings with Paul Grilley. He has over 800 hours of Teacher Training experience, and is inspired to teach both Vinyasa and Yin on a weekly basis. When he is not on the mat, Mikel is a passionate gardener and chef. His calm and soothing demeanor are guaranteed to lull you into a deeply relaxing Yin practice.

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